European SCA Beach Volleyball Finals – Day 2

It was a great day at the European SCA Beach Volleyball Finals. It was a second day full of sunshine and matches and Scottish Volleyball is thrilled with the running of the event. Today, after 19 good quality matches, the semi-finalists have been decided for both men and women.

Yiasoumi, K./Yiasoumi, A. (CYP), Graves/Gormally (IRL), Beattie/Coutts (SCO), Einarsdottir/Jonsdottir (ISL) have made it to the semi-final in the women’s tournament.

McKelvie/Stewart (SCO), Garcia-Kidd/Bialokoz (ENG), Ferry, P./Ferry, V. (MON) and Boyle/Brown, M. (SCO) are the four semi-finalists of the men’s tournament.

The expectation for tomorrow’s finals is very high, as the performance of the semi-finalists (and not only) have surprised with their high quality.

We are waiting for you tomorrow at the Darnhall Tennis Club of Perth to enjoy the finals and have fun all together!

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