Diary of a Volleyball Addict

Another Saturday, another weekend traveling for local volleyballer, Connor Boyle- but this time a little closer in London.

This time Connor arranged a partnership with England International volleyballer Jake Sheaf in the 4 star UKBT event at Deep Dish, Crystal Palace, London.

With the competition being a very high level, each pool of players had to fight for ever point and every win as only 8/12 would proceed to the Quarter Finals.

Game 1
Vs Alex/Sawko. In the opening game the BOYLE/SHEAF partnership came out strong. Getting to know each other’s playing styles as well as managing the game was tough but they fought hard to secure a narrow victory. 

Game 2
A small rest in between games allowed a quick food and hydration break before heading back to the court to play Team Wales and strangely enough, competing against his playing partner of last week, Noam Devey.
Again, it was a tight game, scrambling for every point as rallies saw points going back and forth. With each team winning a set each this one needed a third and final set which eventually went in favour of the BOYLE/SHEAF partnership.

Game 3
A well needed rest before playing 2nd seeds and good friends Mark and Jay in the final game of the round robin pool to decide the pool positioning.
A game of fantastic volleyball ensued with no quarter asked or given, both sides producing smart and hard hits but unfortunately it saw their first loss of the day (2-0)

Quarter Finals
Into the knockout rounds.
The draw for the quarter finals saw the pair meet the ‘Bournemouth Boys’ in what was expected to be an ‘early final’ style game, a match which did not disappoint the band of spectators. This was another close match with each side taking a set, requiring a third set decider to separate the teams.
After 90 minutes of beach volleyball later, it was the Bournemouth Boys who progressed to the semis, so no medals this weekend.

It had been another fascinating beach volleyball journey, battling sun, rain, thunder and lightning but a fifth-place finish for the BOYLE/SHEAF partnership with both looking to improve over the coming weeks.

Next weekend Connor plans to compete in London at the Side-Out event in, Leyton next weekend. looking to develop a more cutting edge to his play.

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