Darnhall Sun helps Juniors’ Shine

The second regional junior volleyball coaching day took place at Perth’s Darnhall Beach Centre on Sunday morning with a pleasing 50% rise in the number of participants. Coach Jamie Salvin was pleased with the local juniors’ commitment and willingness to learn as the youngsters focused on improving their skills on the sand. Fun warm-up activities were followed by specific drills with an emphasis on ball control including mental and physical preparation as well as the mechanical components surrounding each skill focus. The fact that there was a breeze blowing throughout the session meant the youngsters’ awareness of how it affects ball flight including last second body adjustments to cope with this, kept them on their toes throughout the three-hour session.

With the summer sun beating down on them, there were frequent “water stops” to allow the youngsters to keep up their hydration levels.

Scottish Volleyball’s junior beach development programme will continue to operate throughout the summer, not just in Perth’s Darnhall Centre but also in Aberdeen, St Andrews, Portobello, Liberton and West Coast beaches. The next four Darnhall dates for youngsters to pencil in their diaries are July 4th & 18th, 8th & 22nd August and interested youngsters can sign-up for the coaching sessions on the Scottish Volleyball website (scottishvolleyball.azolve.com)

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